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Executive Summary

A company specializing in advanced optical security technologies has developed a cutting-edge solution for authenticating 3D markings on identity documents and other sensitive materials, such as holograms. This solution is poised to tackle the increasingly prevalent issue of identity theft and fraud in various sectors, from banking to software licensing. With patented technologies that outpace current market offerings, this company is at the threshold of claiming a monopoly in vital markets through strategic patent licensing.


In an era where digital transactions and interactions are commonplace, the security of personal and corporate identities is paramount. Traditional 2D security features are no longer adequate, as they can be easily replicated using standard photographic methods. Our client has identified this critical gap in the security market and has innovated a technology that not only advances the capability of authenticating 3D markings but also does so in a user-friendly way through a handheld smartphone.


The principal challenge faced by the client was two-fold:

  1. Technical Challenge: Developing a verification method impervious to the sophisticated techniques fraudsters employ.

  2. Market Penetration Challenge: Gaining market traction in a highly fragmented landscape, with potential customers unaware of the advanced nature and benefits of the technology.


To write this case study, we will utilize the given framework:

  • Step 1: Thoroughly understand the client's product, technology, market, and the nature of its clientele.

  • Step 2: Identify a 'Killer Problem' that aligns with the client's needs and market challenges.

  • Step 3: Propose a 'Killer Solution' that provides the client with a compelling, innovative, and profitable avenue.


Our client has already attained significant milestones by:

  • Finalizing a brute force-resistant technology.
  • Protecting the technology with patents in the USA and Europe.
  • Successfully testing the verification methods.

However, they are now at a critical junction of translating this technological prowess into market success.

Killer Problem

Our potential client does not know how to find relevant investors and clients who would benefit most from and be willing to integrate this technology into their security infrastructure.

Despite the transformative potential of their technology, their current social media presence on Linkedin may not reflect the genius and the value of this IP. This discrepancy can potentially hinder the technology from reaching the heights it truly deserves or being recognised by industry leaders who would benefit immensely from it.

We've got a tech product here that's like a superhero in the security world – it's designed to tell if security features like holograms are the real deal or just fakes. The problem? Not enough people know about it.

Imagine creating a nifty superhero gadget and then keeping it hidden in your basement. That’s what's happening with our product on social media, especially LinkedIn. It's like having a secret weapon that no one knows about. This is an ample missed opportunity because the right people who need this gadget aren't seeing it.


Killer Solution

The killer idea for our client would be to develop a multi-faceted matchmaking platform that uses advanced data analytics and networking strategies to connect with relevant clients and investors.


  1. Relevant Clients: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to capture and analyze data on companies in sectors vulnerable to identity theft and fraud and develop targeted pitches that highlight the unique value proposition of our client's technology.

  2. Relevant Investors: Leverage Crunchbase to identify and approach investors with a history of funding security-focused startups and technologies.

  3. Marketing Strategy: Create thought leadership content and educational material to rank on Google, showcasing the need for and benefits of our client’s technology. The content will be technical enough to appeal to savvy investors and clients but accessible to a broader audience to drive awareness.

  4. Community Engagement: Build dedicated communities on Discord or Telegram for enthusiasts, experts, and potential clients in the field of cybersecurity, providing a platform for discussion, support, and updates on the technology.

  5. Lead Generation: Design relevant lead magnets such as whitepapers, webinars, and case studies that address potential clients' pain points and demonstrate the practical benefits of adopting the technology.

Let's see How We Fix the Relevant Client Problem:

  1. Polish the Image: First up, we make the product's creators look like the tech stars they are. We update LinkedIn profiles, share intelligent articles, and get involved in the right conversations. This way, when someone stumbles upon their profiles, they’ll think, "Wow, these folks know their stuff!"

  2. Find the Right Crowd: Next, we go on a digital treasure hunt for people and companies who need this superhero gadget. We're talking about big names with much to lose if their security isn't top-notch. We'll craft a message that's so tailored to their needs that they'll feel like we read their minds.

  3. Find the Right Individuals: Finally, we go on a laser-targeted hunt for top executives who need this technology to implement in their products.

What happens next? We start sharing insights and connecting with people who are all about top-notch security. We keep it honest, simple, and focused. And before you know it, this superhero tech isn't just a hidden gem – it’s the talk of the town!

So, we get the word out, show off the brains behind the operation, and connect with the big players who need this in their lives. It is as simple as that.



Our client holds the key to a groundbreaking approach to authentication technology. By combining innovative problem-solving with targeted solutions, they can capture a considerable market share and lead the charge in the fight against identity fraud. This case study lays the groundwork for a strategy that could result in unprecedented growth and industry leadership.


Killer Idea