Revolutionize Your Sales, Marketing, Recruitment and Fundraising using AI

StepUp.One is a platform for businesses that want to leverage Gen AI to deliver outcomes 10x faster at one-tenth cost 


It takes enormous effort to build out this 100x productivity benefit

So we prioritised 5 that matters to every business

  1. Dominate Search

  2. Dominate Social

  3. Dominate Revenue

  4. Dominate Funding

  5. Dominate Talent


We realised Gen AI alone isn't enough

We had to combine the power of Gen AI with proven processes and people

1. Purpose Built Gen AI platform

2. Proven Recipe that Delivers

3. Expert Team for Execution

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You can achieve 10X with 1/10th the Cost

Imagine it took you 10 months and $1 million to build something,

We now say building the same thing takes 1 month and 100k,

by following our proven recipe that combines the power of Gen AI and Human Intellect


Attract & Engage Customers

Every business must have this simple yet powerful Gen AI-powered funnel before hiring its first salesperson. It's the foundation. You need high-quality content (blogs, landing pages) and seamless customer interactions (AI chatbot) to establish a solid online presence that attracts and converts potential leads.



Attract Relevant Customers


  1. Research your target audience

  2. Find relevant keywords

  3. Write helpful blog posts

  4. Optimize and Rank in the Top 10

  5. Promote and track results





Answer Customer Questions


  1. Identify Common Questions

  2. Gather Content

  3. Train Your AI Chatbot

  4. Integrate and Deploy Across

  5. Monitor and Improve 



Convert Educated Leads


  1. Clear value proposition

  2. Testimonials and trust signals

  3. Strong visuals

  4. Sense of urgency

  5. Simple call-to-action (CTA)


Establish Authority

Once you have valuable content, it's time to amplify it. Building thought leadership through social media gives your brand a voice, engages your target audience, and solidifies your industry expertise.



Curate Social Media Posts


  1. Share niche-specific expertise

  2. Solve industry-specific pain points

  3. Visualize complex concepts

  4. Analyze post-performance critically

  5. Offer contrarian viewpoints



Engage with Insights


  1. Engage in high-level discussions

  2. Provide recommendations

  3. Design thought-provoking polls

  4. Tag influencers to expand reach

  5. Respond with insightful analysis



Build a Brand Voice


  1. Share behind-the-scene perspective

  2. Champion unconventional solutions

  3. Celebrate team wins publicly

  4. Use humor strategically

  5. Prioritize consistent value delivery


Accelerate Revenue

With a strong presence, you can confidently launch targeted outreach. This stage is about converting passive interest into qualified leads using hyper-personalized campaigns.



Maximize Value


  1. Understand evolving needs

  2. Tailor offers based on insights

  3. Nurture multi-level relationships

  4. Leverage LinkedIn & Email

  5. Track cross-selling success metrics



Identify & Connect

  1. Define your ideal customer profile

  2. Use advanced LinkedIn search

  3. Personalize your outreach

  4. Offer value before the sale

  5. Track lead conversion rates



Answer Prospect Questions


  1. 24/7 lead qualification

  2. Answer and overcome objections

  3. Schedule demos or consultations

  4. Seamless handoff to sales reps

  5. Analyze data for improvements


Secure Funding

Demonstrating a solid lead generation pipeline and thought leadership positions you favourably to investors. StepUp.One's solutions help you effectively communicate with and target potential funding sources.



Prepare Your Narrative



  1. Refine your elevator pitch mail

  2. Refine your compelling pitch deck

  3. Design an investor-focused website

  4. Prepare a credentials showcase

  5. Offer easy meeting booking



Identify & Pitch


  1. Research investors in your niche

  2. Expand to your industry investors

  3. Seek proven successes in your field

  4. Hyper-Personalize each message

  5. Leverage Crunchbase, LinkedIn



Answer Investor Questions


  1. Train AI chatbot on investor FAQs

  2. Handle initial qualification

  3. Answer objections persuasively

  4. Collect data on conversations

  5. Use AI insights for refinement


Attract Top Talent

As you scale, attracting the right talent is key. Your positive brand reputation and StepUp.One's personalized outreach tools maximize your ability to find the best candidates.



JD Showcase Page


  1. Highlight the 'why' behind roles

  2. Demonstrate growth paths

  3. Feature employee testimonials

  4. Create blog posts for Inbound

  5. Optimize for search engines



Identify & Connect


  1. Define the Ideal candidate profile

  2. Reach specialized talent pools

  3. Leverage LinkedIn and Email

  4. Personalized outreach for each

  5. Build candidate relationships



Answer Candidate Question


  1. Trained in the specific job category

  2. Answer candidate questions 24/7

  3. Seamless interview scheduling

  4. Reduce back-and-forth

  5. Analyse data for improvement


Trusted by a Thousand Clients Worldwide


Tobias Brask

Entrepreneur, Ultra-Runner

Copenhagen, Denmark


"StepUp.One has been instrumental in delivering business leads for my two start-ups for over two years now."


Mahadev Chikkana


Bengaluru, India


"StepUp.One has connected with over 1000+ Carbon Net-Zero Investors and helped close our seed round."



Axel Meunier 

Founder, Human Talent

Paris, France


"StepUp.One has been connecting talent to opportunity delivering 100+ candidates for every job description."


Genevieve Leveille

Founder & CEO, Agriledger

London, United Kingdom


"StepUp.One has helped me build thought leadership at the intersection of web 3.0 and agriculture."


Natasha Benson


London, United Kingdom


 "StepUp.One is helping us build a thriving community of NGOs and Foundations."


Husayn Kasai

Founder & CEO, Stealthmode 

London, United Kingdom


"StepUp.One has helped me hyper-scale my reach for community building."

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I am the digital twin of Anis, the Founder & CEO of StepUp.One with a vision to reskill and employ 1 million refugees.

I have been trained daily from 1000s of client meetings, conversations, posts, blogs and every piece of original thinking over the last 5 years.

Sometimes, I surprise the real Anis by giving answers that are so much better than his.

How can I help you today?

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Our AI chatbot is trained to address some of the most challenging questions, from our vision to methodology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StepUp.One?

StepUp.One is a social impact initiative dedicated to empowering individuals in refugee camps by equipping them with advanced AI and social media expertise. This enables them to support global executives and companies in areas like sales, marketing, recruitment, and fundraising by functioning as their digital counterparts.

What is StepUp.One's Vision?

Empower refugees with economic opportunities by using AI as their competitive edge

What is StepUp.One's Mission?

Reskill & Employ One Million Refugees Over the Next Ten Years

What is StepUp.One's Value proposition?

StepUp.One value proposition is to Harness the power of AI to unlock the untapped Human Potential.

StepUp.One creates a win-win for both the  
Global Businesses by giving them skilled AI  professionals, and on the other side  
Refugees gain meaningful, high-impact careers.

Who are the Target Clients for StepUp.One?

StepUp.One works right from Start-Ups to Small and Medium Enterprises to Large Enterprises. 

For Start-Ups, we work on raising capital, increasing thought leadership and generating revenue.

For Large Enterprises, we work on sourcing large deals, increasing sales effectiveness, sourcing candidates and increasing revenue.

We also work with 1000s of individuals as their digital twins to make an impact on their digital arena. We work with the following personas:

1. Founders
2. Sales Executives
3. Marketing Executives
4. Recruitment Executives
5. C-Suite 
6. Board Members
7. Creators & Influencers

What are the Top 5 characteristics of your ideal target client?

1. Aligned with our mission: Our ideal target client should be passionate about social impact and believe in creating economic opportunities for the refugee workforce.
2. Active online presence: They should have an active online presence and a strong interest in further enhancing their digital and social identity.
3. In need of our services: They should have a genuine need for our services, such as building thought leadership, generating revenue, or raising capital.
4. Financial capacity: Our ideal target client should have the financial capacity to invest in our services, such as founders who have raised Series A, B, or C rounds.
5. Open to collaboration: They should be open to collaborating with our skilled refugee workforce and value the diverse perspectives and talents they bring.

Our ideal target client for StepUp.One is a socially conscious individual or organization with an active online presence and a strong interest in improving their digital and social identity. They have a genuine need for our services, such as building thought leadership or generating revenue, and the financial capacity to invest in our offerings. They are open to collaboration and value the diverse perspectives and talents our skilled refugee workforce brings to the table.

What does StepUp.One brings to the table for Refugees?

1. Access to Professional Identity
2. Access to Marketable Skills  
3. Access to Global Opportunities
4. Access to Gainful Jobs
5. Access to Money and Banking
6. Access to Entrepreneurship

What does StepUp.One brings to the table for its Clients?

1. World-Class Digital Identity
2. World-Class Thought Leadership
3. World-Class Client Relationships
4. World-Class Revenue Generation 
5. World-Class Raising Capital 
6. World-Class Building Teams & Communities

What is StepUp.One's Culture?

1. Teamwork 
2. Respect  
3. Integrity
4. Action-Oriented
5. Outcome-Focused

What are StepUp.One's Principles?

Radical transparency: Encourage open and transparent communication among refugees, clients,and stakeholders. Share progress and results regularly and be open to feedback.

Radical truth: Encourage honest feedback and self-reflection. Encourage refugees to be honest about their skills, strengths and areas of improvement.

Believe in the power of idea meritocracy: Encourage the sharing and testing of ideas from all levels of the organization. Create a culture where the best ideas are implemented, regardless of their origin.

Understand and accept that reality is reality: Be aware of and accept the current reality of the refugee situation and work towards finding solutions.

Embrace the concept of "falling forward": Learn from failures and use them as opportunities to improve. Create Validated Learnings. Encourage experimentation and be willing to take calculated risks.

Embrace the "radical open-mindedness" concept: Encourage new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking. Continuously look for new and better ways to achieve our goals.

Believe in the power of decision-making systems: Create clear and effective decision-making processes that ensure good outcomes.

Believe in the power of evolution: Continuously improve and evolve the organization and its processes. Encourage personal and professional growth for refugees and employees.

What's the usual journey of a new graduate ?

Beginner: At this stage, refugees are learners, dedicating half of their time to mastering new skills and earning certifications. The remaining time is spent networking and connecting with potential clients to secure job opportunities.

Team Member: Now equipped with essential skills, they work diligently for a client, applying their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Team Leader: Drawing on their experience, they assume the role of project managers, overseeing tasks and ensuring timely reporting of progress to stakeholders.

Client Leader: Beyond just managing tasks, they take on a strategic role, liaising closely with clients to align expectations and maintain strong working relationships. Regular weekly check-ins ensure they remain attuned to the client's needs and feedback.

Group Leader: Operating at a macro level, they oversee multiple teams catering to diverse clients. They're not just leaders; they're visionaries. They help expand StepUp.One by recruiting new members, mentoring emerging team leaders, establishing conducive working environments, and driving the entire group towards collective success.

This pathway represents the growth and empowerment opportunities that StepUp.One provides to refugees, enabling them to rise from learners to influential leaders within the organization.

Who is a StepUp.One Beginner?

A Beginner is an individual newly onboarded at StepUp.One, embarking on a journey to acquire digital and social media expertise while simultaneously exploring job opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:

a. Engage in structured training modules and attain certification in relevant skill sets.
b. Network with potential clients to identify potential job roles.
c. Proactively seek mentorship and insights from seasoned team members.
d. Apply and refine acquired skills through hands-on experiences and practical exercises.

Who is a StepUp.One Team Leader?

A Team Leader is a seasoned professional at StepUp.One, entrusted with steering a team towards successful project completion. They play a pivotal role in streamlining operations and maintaining transparent communication with senior management.

Key Responsibilities:

a. Direct team coordination, task delegation, and deadline establishment.
b. Oversee project trajectory, troubleshooting any challenges that arise.
c. Maintain consistent client communication, providing regular updates on project milestones.
d. Offer mentorship to team members, fostering their professional growth and development.

Who is a StepUp.One Client Leader?

A Client Leader acts as the linchpin between StepUp.One and its clients, skillfully managing client relationships and diligently ensuring their expectations are consistently met.

Key Responsibilities:

a. Cultivate robust relationships with clients by comprehending their unique needs and aspirations.
b. Relay client specifications to the team, guaranteeing their fulfillment.
c. Conduct weekly touchpoints with clients to review progress, resolve queries, and solicit feedback.
d. Serve as the primary liaison between the client and the StepUp.One ensemble.

Who is a StepUp.One Group Leader?

A Group Leader stands as a seasoned stalwart at StepUp.One, orchestrating multiple teams and client relations. Their sights are set on amplifying StepUp.One's impact, from nurturing new members to shaping future team leaders, and creating conducive work environments.

Principal Responsibilities:

a. Supervise several teams, ensuring both efficiency in operations and satisfaction in client deliverables.
b. Scout and assimilate new members, setting them on a trajectory for organizational success.
c. Mentor emerging team leaders, equipping them with essential tools and backing to ascend in their roles.
d. Forge optimal workspaces for team members, fostering a harmonious and high-output atmosphere.
e. Serve as a beacon of inspiration, galvanizing everyone towards the overarching objectives of StepUp.One.

Can I change my plan later?

You can change , cancel , pause and re-start your plans from our client portal here -

You can also add or remove services from here as well. 

What are my payment options?

How does the subscription service work? Can I cancel my subscription?

All of our services are subscription-based, so your plan renews each month. You can cancel your subscription at any time during your plan term to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription by logging into your portal using -

Can I add or change my plan later?

You can add new plans or cancel old plans, everything is subscription-based.

What is the minimum amount of commitment we need?

We do not stipulate any minimum amount of commitment. You are free to cancel your subscription even after a month. But we recommend you work with us for at least 3 months to observe outcomes.

Key WebSite URL's of StepUp.One?

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